"I absolutely loved the training.  You all are truly passionate and well versed in the work." 

"This training exceeded my expectations.  I am so very glad I got to do this and I can't wait to take my first collaborative case."

When you complete our most popular training, Introductory Collaborative Divorce training, you will be able to:

  • Immediately begin taking new Collaborative Divorce clients as an additional revenue stream for your practice;

  • Offer clients a less stressful and more efficient divorce process;

  • Effectively work in collaborative teams that include financial, mental health, and legal professionals;

  • Successfully market your collaborative practice to potential clients and referral sources.

Additionally, you will leave the training with:

  • A written, proven process plan with specific steps to use in navigating Collaborative Divorce cases;

  • Examples of all of the forms and documents you will need to begin or enhance your Collaborative Divorce practice.
The Institute for Family Conflict Resolution (IFCR) trains professionals who work with divorcing families to clearly understand and implement the very best practices in out of court, settlement based, problem solving approaches to divorce, including Collaborative Divorce and Divorce Mediation.  IFCR's innovative trainings include Collaborative Divorce and a unique team-based approach to Mediation. The trainers are a Clinical Psychologist, a Family Law Attorney, and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), who are also trained and experienced family mediators. They have presented workshops and trainings both nationally and internationally. 

​The benefit of this interdisciplinary approach is that participants learn concrete ways in which divorcing clients' legal, emotional, and financial concerns are proactively addressed.  As a result, clients are set up to make solid, durable, and creative decisions in their divorce settlements, minimizing stress for the parties, and positioning them to be good co-parents after the divorce if they have children together.

IFCR Introductory Collaborative Divorce training meets the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) standards and is built around the concept of guiding a fictitious family all the way through the Collaborative Divorce process from beginning to end.  Using an engaging mix of experiential exercises, role-plays, demonstrations, and didactic teaching, our experienced trainers bring the Collaborative Divorce process to life. 

​In addition to understanding the process and how to make it work for families, the trainers draw from their extensive Collaborative Divorce private practices to share out-of-the-box tips that have worked with their own clients, including learning how to spot and avoid common pitfalls that arise in cases.  Finally, beyond the mechanics of the Collaborative Divorce process itself, our trainers also draw on their work in forming and governing their local practice group, including issues of group formation, marketing, best practices, membership requirements, and team building within practice groups. We invite you to explore our site for more information regarding the various trainings we offer to help attorneys and other professionals effectively add Collaborative Divorce to their practices.