Practice Group Leadership

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At IFCR we know the growth of Collaborative Divorce depends, in part, on an active and healthy local Practice Group, including its leadership.  As with any organization Practice Groups have systems that need establishing and reassessing; boards and committees that can run both productively and unproductively; and ultimately relationships among the members that have histories and dynamics that can help build effective leaders and teams or become a hurdle to the expansion of Collaborative Divorce. 

IFCR is comprised of two Founders, two Past Presidents, and one current President of their local Practice Group.  We have experienced first-hand the successes and challenges that evolve as an organization grows and develops.  Additionally, Ben Papa and Julia McAninch have led other teams and organizations on group development and strategic planning to work through their barriers and achieve greater team cohesion and their goals. 

When looking at establishing or enhancing a thriving Collaborative Community, the organizational needs should not be overlooked.  IFCR can help you assess the needs and design a facilitated workshop or small group supports to help you along the way. 

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